Jun. 14, 2013

A Bit of R&D Coming Down the Pipeline

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When I click on a webpage the first thing I do is scroll down and look at the pictures, prices, and then maybe read the related information.

Well, we here at Two Buds Pipe really need to update our pictures, or get out the airbrush.

The pictures of our products are of the first 20 or 30 pipes we made, but in the two plus years we’ve been doing this we’ve gotten a lot of testing out of them. ¬†We’ve improved our processes, no more micro-scratches or marks; our designs, holes bigger and smaller as needed; and also even narrowed down on the optimal thread count and depth.

So, the pipes we make now are much better working and looking than what our pictures show, and we hope to have them updated soon, along with adding even more pipes to our selection.

– Mike at Two Buds Pipe

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